June 22, 2011 in BLOGENSTEIN, Books by jeremyrscott

Hey folks. Well, here’s the big announcement I was hinting at a couple weeks ago. I have a new book that I have written and illustrated coming out very soon. Now prepare yourself for the SWEETEST kid’s book cover you have ever seen.



Pretty awesome, huh. Here’s the summary from the back cover:

Dracula has spent his whole life scaring the socks off of people, but nothing frightens him… well, almost nothing. Yes, that’s right. The greatest vampire of all time is afraid of the dentist, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Read, as a small pain in Dracula’s fangs sends him over the edge and causes him to imagine all the horrible things that the dentist will do to him — only to find out  that maybe he is not so bad in the end.

DRACULA IS AFRAID OF THE DENTIST is the perfect cure for the dental blues.

You will be able to order DRACULA IS AFRAID OF THE DENTIST online very soon, and I will post a link when it is available.

OH MAN, I almost forgot the best part. DRACULA will also be available for purchase directly from the apple app store for viewing on your iPhone or iPad. The app will be slightly different from the printed book and features special animation of all the scenes by yours truly. Personally, if I was you, I would buy both versions. They are both really incredible and well worth it.

Stay tuned to Blogenstein to find out when the book and app will be available.