June 6, 2011 in BLOGENSTEIN, Sketches by jeremyrscott

Hey kids. Growing up near Cleveland in the 80’s, WUAB, channel 43 was the place to be Saturday afternoons; and Superhost was my personal guide to a delightful world I never knew existed. A world filled with classic horror movies like Frankenstein and Dracula and fun, schlocky movies like Night of the Blood Beast — all topped off with a big, heaping helping of the exalted masters of slapstick, the Three Stooges.

Thank you, Marty Sullivan, for making me the man I am today — a Halloween junky and a devoted follower of the brothers Howard. Hope you are enjoying your retirement in Oregon.

So, today’s sketch is the man himself — ready to start the show. I liked it so much that I decided to make it a finished piece. ENJOY!