J.J. Abrams Commission

April 20, 2011 in BLOGENSTEIN, Illustration, Sketches by jeremyrscott

Hello people. Long time, no post. Today I am going to end the 9 month long dry spell of no posts, and finally give you guys some new artwork. Here is some stuff for a commission I did back in December, featuring J.J. Abrams dressed as his bad robot character. This one went through a few different ideas before we locked down the final look, so I figured this would be a great example to show you all the work that goes into the progression of a typical illustration.


First things first, I did a portrait sketch to lock down the likeness.


Here was the first concept sketch. The original idea, besides having Abrams dressed as his Bad Robot character, was to feature elements from his show Lost and his new show Alcatraz. The sketch is a little rough, but you can see that J.J. is on the island sitting on the hatch and drinking a Dharma beer — with the Rock looming in the background.


Then we decided to do a less illustrated concept, and have it be a little simpler and more like a movie poster. So I drew J.J. in a more dynamic pose, kind of in the vein of The Right Stuff. So here is his conquering hero, fighter pilot pose and all.


Here’s the first attempt at a final piece. It’s much simpler than the original concept sketch, especially the basic, graphic background. I also threw in the bad robot type to give it a movie poster feel.


Later, we decided we didn’t like the bad robot type, and also wanted to bring a couple of elements to harken back to the two shows; but not go over board like the first sketch. So I decided to emulate the feel of Abrams original bad robot bumper, and add the mysterious dark clouds and silhouetted grass. I also added a couple of props as call outs to the shows: a can of Dharma beer and a pair of handcuffs.

So after all of that trial and error, we get to the final illustration. After seeing the dirt mound and props, we decided against them and just put J.J. standing in the grass. But we did like the original graphic background, so we threw it in. Whalala, a finished piece featuring J.J Abrams and that adorable scamp, the bad robot.

I have actually been doing something different with my commissions lately. I have been separating all of the elements of every layer of the piece and making a dimensional illustration in a shadow box frame. I have only done a few so far, but I did it for this one as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the final shebang; but next time I will. I swear. If that tease doesn’t make you come back, I don’t know what will. Maybe free tacos? I guess we can talk about it next time.

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