An "Office" Clip Show? SERIOUSLY?!?

January 23, 2010 in BLOGENSTEIN, Popuri by jeremyrscott

I am watching the first “Office” of 2010 on my DVR right now, and I am shocked to realize that it is nothing more than a clip show. A CLIP SHOW!?! Seriously? I haven’t seen a clip show since the Simpson’s did one in their 6th season back in 1994 — and it was considered a joke even WAY back then. Seriously “Office” guys, what the heck are you thinking? They used to make clip shows way back when because that was the only way to see classic moments of a television show. This was before you could walk to the store and buy a whole season of a show on DVD. Heck, this was before syndicating TV shows was a standard practice after only 3 seasons were produced. Seriously guys, if your work load is sooo crazy that you need to spit out this incredibly lazy cop out, then maybe it’s time to end the show before you drag it through the mud. Just a suggestion.