A Trimmer Tragedy

December 11, 2009 in BLOGENSTEIN, Popuri by jeremyrscott

Ahhh, the internet. The perfect place to embarrass yourself, and let the whole world know it. So without further a due, I purchased a new beard trimmer a little while ago; and it came with a eyebrow trimmer adapter. So, I thought to myself , “Self, why not try this nifty eyebrow debushafing apparatus” — and that’s exactly what I did. Well, the results were not so sexy. The guard slipped from 4 to 1 and… well, here are the results.

Yeah, I look like a demented freak — like Whoopi Goldberg, well, if she was white and had a beard. Just thought I would share my misery with the world; and for the love of God, don’t trim your eyebrows. ENJOY!!!