So… that happened — AGAIN.

November 25, 2009 in BLOGENSTEIN, Popuri by jeremyrscott

Casper the Friendly Ghost 2

Just in case you missed my last post about it, here it is.

So, it happened again last night. At around 4 o’clock, I saw it again hovering over my entertainment center again; however, this time it actually picked up my home theater receiver about 12 inches off my entertainment center. It happened so quick that I, again, thought there was actually a burglar in my room. I actually screamed out at the top of my lungs, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!” I really don’t know what I was thinking. If it really was a thief, I probably would have scared him to death. A voice screaming out of a dark room at him. He probably would have shot me. Well, it wasn’t a thief — well, one that was still alive any way. Just like before, the god damn thing split in half, and shot out into a mist and disappeared. Except this time, it dropped my receiver onto my entertainment center, with a large thud. Needless to say, I ran downstairs panicked — to check to make sure someone didn’t just run out of my room. Of coarse there was no one there.

I KNOW this sounds crazy. HELL, it is crazy. Is there really a ghost in my room? Is it possible I was have a waking dream or some other reason explanation. Sure, I freely admit that is entirely possible. I do indeed sleep walk and also talk in my sleep (what a catch, huh ladies) — well, both of these time, this thing just seemed absolutely real. Oh yeah, and when I ran to my entertainment center, the receiver was crooked. So maybe the more important question is, why does this shadow lady want my stereo equipment. I’ll be sure to ask her the next time I see her.