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April 20, 2012 in Announcements, BLOGENSTEIN, Illustration by jeremyrscott

Hey peeps. After a week of painstaking work, I just finished all 200 of the new artist sketch cards Topps sent me for the Mars Attacks Heritage Collection. That means there will be 300 of my cards in total that will be randomly inserted into packs of Mars Attacks cards this summer.

In the end, I broke up the 300 cards into 3 groups, each with a colored border. That way you will know how far along into the process your card came from. The first batch of 100 that I completed are white, the second are orange and the final cards have a yellow border.

So get out there this summer and collect all 300, SUPER RARE, Jeremy R. Scott edition Mars Attacks Heritage Sketch Cards. There is a mystery prize for anyone who manages to collect them all. I don’t want to blow the secret, but it might rhyme with back rubs.

Here are a few more cards that have already been approved by Topps.