The Phantom Menace Turns 10

May 20, 2009 in BLOGENSTEIN, Popuri by jeremyrscott


WOW, hard to believe, huh. It was 10 years ago today when Star Wars – Episode 1 hit the theaters. Yeah, the movie wasn’t great; but I still hold a soft spot for it. It came at an interesting part of my life. I just graduated from college a few days earlier, and I just started working as a designer (in what turned out to be one heck of a mind numbing job) at a now defunct department store. So to celebrate this milestone, I spent all of 10 minutes reading sycophantic head cases venting there frustration with George and his 500 million dollar flop via online forums. I’m surprised I lasted 10 minutes. This one post from a JediFonger pretty much sums up the majority of the posts I read:

have to chip in here. i saw TPM in the theaters for 16 full times =). and perhaps hundreds of times after when i bought the collector’s item widescreen VHS + the eventual DVD.

i can safely say that it is no good. i mean, i wanted to like it so badly that i spent so much time&money invested in this franchise. i just thought that maybe if i just watched it 1 more time, some would pop up… but it was the film that dislodged me from being a bigger SW fan than i am now (which is a discontented one).

WOW Fonger, you think it was a bad movie; so you only saw it 16 times in the theater — that means you spent over 200 dollars watching a movie you deemed unwatchable. And that doesn’t even account for all the money you most likely spent on action figures, toys and other paraphernalia for a flick you consider to be “no good”. Wew man, it’s a good thing you didn’t sort of like it because then you would of had to sell your mother to an organ bank; so you could have seen it 30 more times. You know what JediFonger, I really hate shoving a moltant, hot poker up my ass while chewing on broken glass soaked in antifreeze; so I think I will only do it 25 times before I go top bed tonight. Thank you JediFonger, for making me realize that sometimes it is best to leave my rose colored glasses from yesterday in my sock drawer. Oh yeah, I attached the pic of Natalie because, well, she’s adorable.